SPECIAL NOTICE Annual Meeting of Members

ONLY MEMBERS ARE ELIGIBLE to register and vote at Horry Electric Cooperative’s Annual Meeting. An OFFICIAL NOTICE/REGISTRATION POSTCARD (mailed to MEMBERS in advance of the Annual Meeting) and a PHOTO ID must be presented at the time of Registration at the Annual Meeting of Members.  NO EXCEPTIONS! 

A MEMBER of Horry Electric Cooperative is the person in whose name the account is held. In order to hold a joint membership, both spouses’ names must appear as joint account holders on the account. In the event of a joint membership, either spouse (but not both) may register and vote. Being listed on the account, even if you are a spouse does not qualify an individual as a joint account holder. If you are unsure about your joint membership status, please call the office at 843.369.2211. 

Proxy registration and voting are not allowed. A SPOUSE may register at the Annual Meeting of Members, but they do not count toward the quorum requirement and they do not have voting privileges.