The Meter

ElectronicMeter_NRECA_jpgIt is important to provide access to Horry Electric equipment at all times. This includes the meter we have installed at your service location.

Shrubs must be planted at least three feet from the meter. If a member is looking to keep it in a secure area that is locked, Horry Electric will need to add a lock to interlock with the member’s lock, or will need the passcode, in order to gain access at any time. Dogs also need to be kept away from the area in which the meter is located.

Please keep in mind, the meter base cannot be in an enclosed area. It must be on an exterior wall.

Horry Electric uses solid state digital meters that are read daily. Devices inside the substations communicate with meters to gather information and relay it to the cooperative office. Your account is billed monthly.

Home emergencies and repairs can require that meters be disconnected. Call our office to have your service disconnected.

Unauthorized tampering with the Horry Electric meter is against the law in South Carolina.