Surge Guard

To reduce problems associated with indirect lightning and power surges, Horry Electric offers affordable, flexible protection through its Surge Guard® program. Surge Guard helps protect against unexpected voltage surges that can harm or even ruin electronic devices such as major appliances and TVs, DVD players or personal computers.

Surge Guard is really a two-step program. We help you with the first step, which takes place outside at the meter base.

The second step occurs indoors where individual surge suppressors are installed to provide your television, telephone, stereo and other electronic equipment with reliable, state-of-the-art surge protection. Selection and installation of secondary protection units are both up to the individual member.

Horry Electric can help you find the right protection for your specific needs. A good ground system is essential for surge equipment to work properly.

Details about the program are included in the brochure. Be sure to complete the ‘I am interested in Surge Guard’ form and return it to Horry Electric Cooperative.

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