Smart Thermostats


  • Get a HUGE discount on an ecobee smart thermostat.
  • Get a free smart thermostat installation by one of our approved installers.
  • Help your cooperative hold down power rates.
  • Receive a $50 electric bill credit if you stay opted in 60% or more of the control events for the 12 months following the thermostat coming online. The $50 credit is an ongoing annual opportunity as long as the program continues.
  • We only accept cash or a check for the purchase of a smart thermostat.

Install an ecobee smart thermostat and enjoy the convenience and control of adjusting your home’s temperature from anywhere, anytime.



ecobee3 lite

$169 $84

Almost half of the retail price!

ecobee3 lite Retail Site





ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control

$249 $151

Over $90 discount!

ecobee4 Retail Site





Getting Started

It’s easy!

  1. Call or email us with any questions.
  2. Sign up online or complete and sign this participation agreement (direct PDF download).
    1. Please include the HVAC model number.
  3. Come by either our Conway or Socastee offices to purchase the thermostat of your choice.
    1. Cash or check only to purchase a smart thermostat.

Already have an ecobee smart thermostat? Great!

You’re eligible for a $50 bill credit! Contact us to find out more! Call 843-369-2211 or email us at


Smart Thermostat Program FAQs

What is the Smart Thermostat program?

Horry Electric’s smart thermostat program gives members the opportunity to purchase an ecobee smart thermostat at a discounted rate. By participating in the program, members will agree to allow the cooperative to control the thermostat during peak periods.

What is required to participate?

  1. You must be a member of Horry Electric Cooperative;
  2. You must be the homeowner;
  3. You must sign the participation agreement;
  4. You must have an internet-connected, Wi-Fi enabled home.

What is a smart thermostat?

A smart thermostat is a programmable thermostat that connects to your home’s Wi-Fi and gives you the ability to adjust your thermostat setting to fit your schedule and save energy.

What types of thermostats are there?

Horry Electric members have two options. You can purchase the ecobee3 lite and/or the ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control. Both have a digital touchscreen display and both can be controlled and scheduled using a computer or device (phone or tablet).

How much are they?

The ecobee3 lite can be purchased for $84, which is almost half of the normal retail price. The ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control can be purchased for $151.

What is the difference between the ecobee3 lite and the ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control?

The ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control has Amazon Alexa built in. It is voice-activated and has many of the features that come with Amazon Echo devices. It also comes with an added room sensor to provide more effective cooling and heating.

What if I already have one of these thermostats?

That is great! All you have to do is provide us with your serial number and sign the agreement and we’ll give you a $50 credit on your electric bill.

How does a smart thermostat help reduce my energy use?

The ability to schedule your thermostat settings or to adjust them remotely can help avoid heating and cooling your home at unnecessary levels when no one is there. Based on a 2013 analysis, ecobee customers saved up to 23-percent (23%) on their heating and cooling costs.

How will the cooperative control my thermostat?

About 5-6 times per month, the thermostat will be adjusted remotely based on system-wide peak periods.

The events will be four (4) hours in total, which includes a one-hour pre-cool/pre-heat period and three hours of peak-saving adjustment. The control will follow this pattern:

Pre-cooling/pre-heating +/- 2 degrees Second hour +/- 3 degrees
First hour +/- 2 degrees Third hour +/- 4 degrees

What if I don’t want the cooperative to control my thermostat?

You’ll be notified of control during peak times on the device’s display with an option to override. You can override control up to 40-percent (40%) of the time. If you exceed 40-percent, you will not qualify for the $50 12-month bill credit.

For any member that stays opted in 60-percent (60%) or more of the control events for the 12 months following their thermostat coming online, they will receive a $50 electric bill credit. The $50 credit is an ongoing annual opportunity as long as the program continues.

Why does Horry Electric want to control my thermostat?

When the cooperative purchases power, energy during those peak hours is more expensive. The more we can cut down on how much energy is used during those periods, the lower our power bill will be. We will use those savings to hold down costs for our members.