H2O Load Management

HECLoadManagementgraphicHorry Electric members who agree to allow the Cooperative to install a load management device on a qualifying, minimum 50 gallon electric water heater, will get a one-time $50 electric bill credit!

Qualifying water heaters can be no older than 5 years of age and must meet ASHRAE Standard 90 or the National Appliance Efficiency Standard (NAES).

Enrollment in the H2O Load Management program is easy.

1. Member completes the enrollment form, giving Horry Electric permission to have an approved contractor install the load management device.

2. Approved contractor or HEC representative reviews the form and verifies the water heater meets qualifications for the program.

3. The switch is installed.

4. $50 credit per qualified water heater is applied to the member’s account.

Switch installations must comply with all local and state plumbing, as well as National Electric Code (NEC) specifications.

NOTE: Hybrid water heaters do not currently qualify for the program because the Cooperative cannot install load control devices on those units

H2O Load Management Enrollment Form

H2O Load Management Frequently Asked Questions

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