Getting started with Advance Pay

Before making a final decision, carefully read the Advance Pay Terms and Conditions to determine if it is the right choice for you. New members initiating service will need to be prepared to pay a membership fee, application fee, any applicable construction fees and establish at least a $50 credit balance on the account.

Signing up for and getting started on the program requires a visit, in person, to either of Horry Electric Cooperative’s office locations during regular business hours. Only members with residential, single-phase service are eligible. A service representative will work with you to set up your user profile, which includes establishing account notification alerts by phone, text message or by email.

I have a traditional account. Can I switch to Advance Pay? Yes! You can switch to an Advance Pay account even if you already have service with Horry Electric. The fees required of new members also apply to existing members and any existing security deposit will be credited to your current account balance. Even though you have an account already established, you’ll still need to come to the office, in person, to sign up for Advance Pay and establish your user profile. If you later decide the program is not for you and you want to convert back to a traditional account, a deposit may be required. The amount will be determined based on current policy and a credit check.

How do I make payments and keep up with my account?