Category: Power Outage FAQ

Wouldn’t it be better if your lines were underground?

While underground lines are not outage proof, they are less susceptible to wind damage, which is always present in hurricane situations. Underground lines, however, may present restoration challenges when flooding is involved. It also takes a longer amount of time and specialized equipment to find problems with underground cable.

What preventive measures do you take to minimize outages?

Preventative maintenance is the best tool against outages. In addition to ensuring the lines, poles and transformers are in top-notch condition, the state’s electric cooperatives employ an aggressive tree trimming and right-of-way clearing program. After a hurricane, downed trees and branches are usually the primary cause of outages. Keeping the power lines right of waysContinue Reading

How does wind impact an electric cooperative system?

Very rarely does wind alone impact an electric system. Our electric systems are built to easily withstand 65+ MPH winds. If you took an average electric system and put it out in the middle of a field, the winds would blow right by it and not affect the electric system. It’s the trees and otherContinue Reading

How is power restored and how are priorities set?

Our goal is to restore service to as many consumers as rapidly and safely as possible. As a rule of thumb, power is usually restored in this order: transmission circuits, substations, distribution lines and individual structures. We give special consideration to public safety facilities such a hospitals, nursing homes, fire departments, emergency shelters, water andContinue Reading

After a storm, how quickly do you send crews out to begin restoration?

That’s determined by the intensity of the storm. Crew safety is a major consideration. As soon as it’s safe to restore power, power restoration begins. To facilitate the process, crews and supplies are staged close to the predicted storm damage so restoration can begin as soon as safely possible.

How can members help during an outage?

Once the power goes out, it’s important to turn off every unneeded electrical item. Every item requiring electricity puts a strain on the system. The less initial electric demand on the system, generally the quicker power can be fully restored. If the initial demand is too great, the system will overload and the power willContinue Reading

What are some safety precautions for members?

If you see a downed power line, STAY AWAY!! And call the cooperative immediately. Leave your porch light on so line personnel will know when your power has been restored. Turn off all unnecessary appliances to prevent further drain on the utility’s electric systems. Stay away from fallen power lines. Assume that any line isContinue Reading

What about all the things in my refrigerator/freezer?

With a freezer that’s full, foods can stay frozen up to 48 hours. A half-full freezer can still keep food frozen up to 24 hours after the power goes out. Should the power stay off for several days, dry ice can preserve food in the freezer. If you have a picnic cooler, and time toContinue Reading