What are some safety precautions for members?

If you see a downed power line, STAY AWAY!! And call the cooperative immediately.

  • Leave your porch light on so line personnel will know when your power has been restored.
  • Turn off all unnecessary appliances to prevent further drain on the utility’s electric systems.
  • Stay away from fallen power lines. Assume that any line is conducting electricity.
  • People should always stay away from downed or sagging power lines. All downed power lines should be treated as if they were energized and potentially deadly. If you see a downed line, stay away and call the cooperative or 911.
  • Generator safety: Under no circumstances, should gas-powered generators be use indoors or in attached garages. Burning charcoal grills and portable generators create carbon monoxide, so should only be used outdoors. You cannot see or smell carbon monoxide. Opening a window or using a fan does not help. Carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms include dizziness, fatigue, and nausea. Exposure to high levels of carbon monoxide can cause death.
  • If you use a portable generator to supply electricity during a power outage, be safe and know the facts. If generators are used improperly, they can kill you and the people who are restoring power to your building or home. Connecting a generator to the main electrical supply for your house requires the services of a qualified, licensed electrician. If you use a standby generator during a power outage, contact the cooperative.