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Power Out? Use PowerTouch

To report outages, simply dial 369-2212. Through your telephone number, you'll be linked to Horry Electric Cooperative's outage reporting system.

PowerTouch is tied to the mapping and customers information systems at Horry Electric, which is a tremendous advantage when it comes to pinpointing the exact location of problems on the system.

Your telephone is a vital connection to your cooperative. The telephone number you provide should be for the telephone at the actual service location for which you might be reporting an outage or other problem with your service.

Please help us keep our records up-to-date, so that when there is a problem, we can apply the full power of PowerTouch to get your power restored as quickly as possible.

How it works

Telephone numbers and other information in the Cooperative's records are used only for business purposes by the Cooperative.

Complete Guide to Power Outages